The Jack White Putting Mat

Stage 1

The first putting mat has basic geometries, which help to position your stance. The mat can be put on a green with slight slopes and has the speed of a fast  green. It can be pinned down with 12 tees, in case of windy conditions.

The standard size is 100 X 260 cm 

and can vary according to your specifications.


Price 119.00 £ plus shipping

Stage 2

After studying your putting up to 2 metres, you will reassure yourself of your positioning for a safe putt, while your stance is marked by using a permanent marker.  This mat is being sent to:




The Jack White Putting School

37 Main Street, Gullane EH31 2AA, Scotland

Stage 3



Your final putting mat is being manufactured after your personal markings. You will receive your putting mat with your markings  in return with your personal, weather proof printed putting mat.

The mat can be rolled up for travel.

Your putting routine can now take place on the same speed practice mat, on any surface.


Price 119.00 £ plus shipping