Ben Sayers hickory shafted irons

1 Iron

A line faced 1 iron by Ben Sayers with signature cleek mark.

2 iron

A line faced 2 iron by Ben Sayers with Tom Stewart cleek mark.

3 iron

A line faced 3 iron by Ben Sayers with Tom Stewart cleek mark.

Mussle back 4 Iron

Mussle back Ben Sayers Mashie Iron


A Tom Stweart, sold in North Berwick by D. McKay

Spade Mashie

Ben Sayers Spade Mashie made by Tom Stewart

Ben Sayers target niblick

Ben Sayers target niblick with Ben Sayers bird cleek mark.

Target Niblick face

Target Niblick fancy face

Three stainless steel irons: 2,3,& 4

Stainless steel heads have been produced from about 1928 on. All three heads have a dot inspection mark, presumably checked by Ben Sayers jr.